3 Reasons to launch an online course if you’re offering services

If you are a high level professional selling high ticket services you may consider the idea of creating an online course as an entry gate to your expertise.

The big picture is that the market for online courses will continue to grow. Global Market Insights projects a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5 percent, leading to an e-learning market that will exceed $200 billion by 2024. Technavio projects a more modest — but still not trivial — CAGR of 2% annually.

3 Reasons to launch an online course if you’re offering services

Either way, the overall market for online courses is booming and will continue to boom. But, of course, the fact that the market is booming, in general, doesn’t mean that you specifically will get a slice of it just by publishing an online course or two. It sort of felt like that for a while, but — to quote Bob Dylan — “the times they are a changin’.”

Here are just 3 reasons to launch an online course if you’re offering services:

1. Passive Income — Your clients would be able to purchase your course and learn how to get the result you give them in your done for you service without the need of your time and effort.

2. Get More Clients — Some people will just go through the course to learn how it’s done, realize it’s too much work, they’re not passionate about it, they’re too busy, they don’t have the time to master this skill… and want to hire someone else to do it for them instead. Since you’re the person who taught them the skill, you’ll be the #1 authority in their mind + they’ve watched hours of training for you + they’ve already given you money for a product and they got a good experience from it, so they will simply hire you directly.

3. Extra Side Income — Your online course revenue could pay for your payroll and living expenses at least. The other income sources you have will pay for the additional luxuries of life that you want.

3 Reasons to launch an online course if you’re offering services

Plus, who doesn’t want to have more money and to make a bigger impact on more people without having to work more?

Now the problem is, you’re going to create your course, and then you’re going to need to actually market it and sell it. Most service providers (freelancers, agency owners…) don’t have the time to add one more thing to their plate. Marketing an online course takes a lot of time and effort and skill to be able to sell your course effectively.

Making the course is one thing, having it attract sales daily for you on autopilot is a completely different thing.

That’s where my specialized agency team comes in to help.

I market online courses and I have a specialized agency team which produced dozens of courses already. I will take your perfectly done course and create a marketing system that will get you multiple sales per day in 30–60 days. My team and I do the copywriting, design, tech, marketing strategy, ads… the whole deal. And of course, we can even teach you to do this on your own so you will gather some life-changing skills!

You just come in with your solid course and we handle the marketing for you. All we need from you is to record the videos needed for marketing and we’re good to go!

We take a retainer initial fee and a % of the profits of the sales, depending on how we will cooperate for creating and marketing the course. If you’re interested, message me or email me at adrian@mushbloom.co.uk and we will take it from there. All success!

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