30 things I discovered after selling millions of dollars worth of products online

I did my first online sale for a digital product back in 2009 and explored since then this gorgeous side of business by creating and selling my own products — ebooks, online courses, memberships and recently software, coaching others to do so, promoting other people’s products and services as an affiliate and also brokering webinars. I was up, down, left, right and I am feeling that I am just starting because all the time there are new things to learn.

And by doing the hard work, failing massively (aka miserably) but also succeeding massively I discovered 30 things which may change your life and business if you apply them.

1. When you buy courses to learn something very important, many course creators are leaving aside important information so you will not get the whole picture. What to do? (They say!!!) Buy the next course from them which is a neverending exercise. These people are more interested in how much money they can squeeze from a customer than how big is the value they provide. I decided a long time ago not to follow this route. I want to add as much value possible when I am selling a book, ebook, course, membership, mastermind o else. I just don’t want to fool people, I want to help them to change their life and business for the better. I want to do this as ethically possible knowing that I will lose some sales. The great news is that I am still in the market with very few complaints and refunds requests.

2. The volume of work and time invested in actually working is not in direct proportion with my income. So always do your best to work smarter not just harder.

3. The majority of buyers for products with a price tag of less than $30 (studies say) $100 (I would say based on what I experienced) never use the product (80%). 80 to 90% of the ones buying a book which could change their life never pass the first chapter which is heartbreaking. They remain comfortable just seeing the book but don’t make any effort to read it and apply the information there.

4. The more money you make, the more you need to invest in yourself (aka in your brain) to learn new things, find mentors to take you towards the next levels of your life and business.

5. I use an almost daily therapy routine which involves running and deep meditation, binaural sounds and others which help me to not just survive but to thrive without using any chemicals (aka medical stuff).

6. Not alcohol or drugs are solutions in bad times. I’ve had merchant accounts down, advertising accounts banned, competitors trying to bring me down and on top of that, I had to fight my own limiting beliefs which is by far the hardest thing to do.

7. The growth always happens outside of the comfort zone. Sometimes the creative flow starts from a period where you encounter a huge seatback aka lack of income or results, divorce, being fired and s.o.

8. It is said that you need to start with the end. Steve Covey somehow patented this idea. I’m not sure if he patented it for real but he takes the credit for this idea. So think about the nice things you can do for your family and loved ones once you become successful. Otherwise, it will be very hard to focus on doing the work most people don’t want to.

9. Waste as little time possible on watching stupid TV programs just for the sake of relaxation. This is a time 100% lost and leads to mental masturbation. While I always love to indulge in a great movie I am very careful about how I am spending my time.

10. It is said that the single digit millionaire is the new middle class in cities like New York. You need to pass 8 figures to start being considered wealthy. Crazy huh?

11. Spend as less possible on social media and in doing so do your best to just follow the ones you potentially consider mentors but can’t hire. Otherwise, most people will show you only the good side of their life which is a cheap distortion of reality.

12. Don’t believe the hype. Many course sellers show you private jets, cars and nice houses but most of them are rented by the day. Many gurus don’t have money for rent and when they say that they are selling thousands of courses they sell just a few and use fake screenshots available for free on the internet and edit them to show you how successful are they.

13. No matter your age, transform yourself in a perpetual millennial. This will benefit all the areas of life and business and will help you understand the world today, the current and future trends.

14. Any new skill can be learned until a satisfactory rate in as little as 30–60 days. You need to upgrade your knowledge all the time as your degrees can lose their value anytime and you will not be able to rely on them.

15. The only thing which can’t be repossessed is what you keep in your head in terms of knowledge and skills.

16. Most people who want to start an online business, create ebooks and online courses never make any dime and they quit. This is so sad because with this are dying many dreams for a better life.

17. You can do some stuff by yourself but to actually build an empire you will need financials, a team, operations, and a great company culture.

18. You may seem to have it all but if you don’t resolve the inside thought “I am not enough!” this alone can kill everything for you. So start building from within.

19. Entrepreneurship is one of the hardest professions. Maybe it is the hardest. It could take you many years of struggle but sooner or later you will score big if you don’t give up.

20. For like anything you want to build there are people who already did it and they can be your mentors. You can search for them on social media, especially on Linkedin and even contact them to help them first with something.

21. If you want to make a billion of dollars, find a billion dollar problem and solve it.

22. It was never a great time to start creating ebooks, online courses, memberships, webinars, masterminds and others alike. They can complement your current business or you can create new ones.

23. The stress can kill you slowly but surely. Find time to unwind and be with yourself.

24. You could lose all your money and assets but what you will never lose is who you are.

25. Leverage your time with the things you love and money using specialists in things you are not great at.

26. Optimizing a business is not hard, creating one from scratch is hard work!

27. Take decisions very fast and change them very slowly.

28. Be nice to people. It doesn’t matter how they treat you, what matters is how you treat them.

29. Learn new things from people actually doing them. Otherwise just buy books, don’t invest in pieces of training and courses promoted by non-doers!

30. You can create and launch wildly successful your first or next ebook or online course in as little as 30 days and I designed a process that I want to help as

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Digital Transformation Expert | Speaker | Fintech Investor | Online and Real Estate Entrepreneur | Music Producer adrianniculescu.com adrianniculesculive.uk

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