5 Linkedin Company Page Tips for Beginners

I find Linkedin to be the most important social media website for business and there are two big reasons behind this: it has an amazing network of people with real accounts and there is an unlimited potential which is still untapped.

While Facebook is still the dominant force on social media, Instagram came forward pretty big in the last 1–2 years and let’s look at Linkedin closer as the market is moving pretty fast. More than 62 million Linkedin users are senior-level professionals and 42 million have decision making power. Having said only that, Linkedin has huge potential especially for B2B sales but also for B2C and deserves a lot of attention and a strategy of its own.

If you represent a business I would highly recommend you to build a Linkedin company page and apply the tips included in this article intended both for beginners and advanced Linkedin marketers.

While you may see Linkedin as a mainly B2B social media platform, both B2B and B2C brands can benefit from adding quality content to it.

Very popular influencers and top level executives are publishing on Linkedin. Here you can find articles and videos added by Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson, executives from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and many more others. By publishing directly on Linkedin they increase their reach and have a direct channel of communication with their customers.

Linkedin is the place to be for a company to showcase news, products, reviews, and promotions having quite a few very compelling benefits for companies including:

  • Creating and boosting brand awareness

These benefits can work for you very well but of course you need to allocate some resources and start implementing them.

There are LinkedIn Company Page Tips for Beginners but they can also be used by Advanced Linkedin Marketers

1. Create a human face for your brand

Having a human face backing the brand is always a good thing. Think Virgin and Richard Branson (my favorite entrepreneur). So if your brand takes the corporate cold way of communication on Linkedin the effects will be minimal because there will not be any human interaction present. At the end of the day, the businesses are done between companies but the deals are made between people so it always helps to publish behind the scenes content, stories with people and followers only type of deals.

The purpose of storytelling is to create a human connection aka rapport which is a very powerful engaging tool proved to be second to none and more powerful than any form of paid advertising.

Here are few ideas of how you can add a human face to your brand:

  • Create stories around your company culture by highlighting what happened at the most recent conference, event or party you held? And the more visual content — photos and videos, the better.

2. Be strategic and do everything with a purpose

Starting a page is of course just the beginning. Look for publishing quality stuff which will generate new leads, inquiries, and sales and also engage with your current customers so they will continue to buy from you. Only by posting you will understand which are the most active times for your audiences on Linkedin but depending on the timezones it seems that the peak times for shares and clicks are every Monday between 2 and 4 PM local times.

Ideally, you need to publish at least 3–5 times per week, mix original content with curated content, use hashtags to reach the right audience and fill all the data necessary for the page to be correctly displayed and searchable on Linkedin.

3. You can grow only what you can measure

The harsh reality in social media is that you can’t grow what you can’t measure. The only way you will know if the Linkedin page is performing well is if you will analyze the data. So first you have the website analytics, providing the fact that you share content from your site on the company’s Linkedin page. Next you have the Linkedin’s page analytics which will show you the reach, engagement, followers and visitors. More, if you are using link trackers like AddThis they will complete the picture yopu are creating. By measuring your analytics and integrate them into your overall business goals, will show you what works and what doesn’t, where to focus and where not to so you will know what you need to improve in the Linkedin strategy during the next months.

4. Keep an eye on your direct competition

Competition is good, not to say great because will somehow force you to become better and better. And where there isn’t any competition usually there isn’t any potential. Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing on social media. This doesn’t mean that you need to copy what they are doing. Well, if you see something great which is working for them you can model the idea and adapt (as mentioned, don’t copy!). A

Another great tip for making the most of your LinkedIn page and getting awesome and fresh ideas is to check out LinkedIn’s annual top company pages list.

5. Get your team involved.

Your team should be on Linkedin. If they are not, please ask them to sign-up and link their profiles with your company page. Yes, you might say that they could be targeted by competition but this can happen anytime. Also, ask them to contribute with content and ideas because at the end of the day they know better the company than anybody else from outside. Also, ask the team members to share the company’s information on their personal Linkedin profiles. If they don’t want to do that maybe this means that they are not proud of working there which is a bad thing long term. If they don’t know what to do schedule a one day Linkedin marketing training in the company. Next, encourage employees to join and contribute in groups relevant to your company and industry and share relevant company content there without pitching or selling anything. Also, a great idea is to allow some of the team members to publish articles and videos on Linkedin and even rewarding them for their efforts.

Maximize LinkedIn as a business-generating channel for your brand

If LinkedIn isn’t a core focus in your social media strategy, now might be the time to reconsider your strategy. With a highly engaged user base and second to none opportunity for posting business-related content, LinkedIn represents a powerful opportunity to not only grow your brand’s awareness but build and develop connections with, customers, prospects and influencers. Implement the above tips to get started, and then it’s up to you to get creative and start experimenting with other types of content and ideas.

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