5 Linkedin Company Page Tips for Beginners

Adrian Niculescu
6 min readApr 30, 2019

I find Linkedin to be the most important social media website for business and there are two big reasons behind this: it has an amazing network of people with real accounts and there is an unlimited potential which is still untapped.

While Facebook is still the dominant force on social media, Instagram came forward pretty big in the last 1–2 years and let’s look at Linkedin closer as the market is moving pretty fast. More than 62 million Linkedin users are senior-level professionals and 42 million have decision making power. Having said only that, Linkedin has huge potential especially for B2B sales but also for B2C and deserves a lot of attention and a strategy of its own.

If you represent a business I would highly recommend you to build a Linkedin company page and apply the tips included in this article intended both for beginners and advanced Linkedin marketers.

While you may see Linkedin as a mainly B2B social media platform, both B2B and B2C brands can benefit from adding quality content to it.

Very popular influencers and top level executives are publishing on Linkedin. Here you can find articles and videos added by Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson, executives from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and many more others. By publishing directly on Linkedin they increase their reach and have a direct channel of communication with their customers.

Linkedin is the place to be for a company to showcase news, products, reviews, and promotions having quite a few very compelling benefits for companies including:

  • Creating and boosting brand awareness
  • Opportunities to connect with influencers, market leaders, movers and shakers, potentials suppliers and customers
  • Promoting events, conferences, training and demo sessions
  • Recruiting talent and receiving referrals
  • Engaging with opinion leaders from your industry and complementary industries

These benefits can work for you very well but of course you need to allocate some resources and start implementing them.

There are LinkedIn Company Page Tips for Beginners but they can also be used by…



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