6 Weeks Business Growth with Copywriting, Launching High Ticket Products, Funnels and Paid Advertising Scaling — Online Program with Adrian Niculescu

Adrian Niculescu
3 min readApr 15, 2019

Next session you can apply for is 1st of September to 16th of October 2019 with live sessions from the comfort of your home (they are recorded if you cannot attend live), private online high tech learning environment, access to support, limited availability, you are taken by the hand and helped to succeed through Applied Coaching methodology

You will learn 7 figures copywriting aka The Art of Writing The Words That Sell, High Ticket Product Launch Strategies, Funnels and Scaling with Paid Advertising.

Does marketing still look like a big and confusing mess to you?

You don’t have an email list. Or you have one but you don’t know how to grow it and it doesn’t produce sales at all or very little. You haven’t done any sort of Facebook or Google Advertising or you did with crappy to none results. You know that you must bring in new business leads and convert a portion of them to customers but you’re not sure how to get them. You believe both in your idea and your company just that you’re not sure how marketing should work … yet.

You actually need to get your name out there, the sooner, the better. You need to get your brand in front of the right people. To really find the right clients and get those clients to come to you and inquire for your valued high ticket products and services.

This isn’t enough. You need a sustainable flow of lead generation. You need to stop having to chase new business right away.

Wouldn’t it be great if it was an all-in-one solution that could meet all your marketing needs? Wouldn’t it freaking fantastic if you could learn exactly HOW to spend your marketing money and time? Wouldn’t it be phenomenal if you could learn how to craft a killer marketing campaign that would generate a waterfall of new leads and new revenue?

And wouldn’t it be great if you knew how to make all this happen, rather than having to spend buckets of cash hiring an outside team to do it?

Allowing you to repeat upon your success and scale your business in an unlimited way?

I want to give you an UNFAIR business advantage.

I want to teach you how to flip the switches which generate new leads and business.

In the 6 weeks starting on the 16th of June you’ll understand the theory, psychology, and execution of entire high growth, sustainable growth campaigns. You will learn 7 Figures Copywriting aka The Art of Writing The Words That Sell, High Ticket Product Launch Strategies, Funnels and Scaling with Paid Advertising. You’ll understand what it means to create and implement a killer marketing plan. And by the end, (27th of July) you’ll actually deploy and implement your own marketing campaign with.

You’ll go from marketing lunch lady to marketing ASSASSIN.

Registration is limited, there is not available a registration button :).

Inquire via PM, Skype (adrian.emanuel.niculescu), e-mail adrian(at)mushbloom.co.uk and secure your spot today or book a free 30 minutes call with me at https://calendly.com/adrianniculescu. All success!



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