Abstract Art NFT’s are in high demand right now. Take a look at these low-priced, high-potential abstract art NFTs from Crypto Taylor.

Strings of Life Digital NFT Abstract Art

Strings of Life Digital NFT Art

Strings of Life Digital NFT Abstract Art is Crypto Taylor’s expression of how fragile life is and how important is to cherish every moment and not settle for less.

Strings of Life Digital NFT Abstract Art — add it to your collection by purchasing it from here!

Splash Digital NFT Abstract Art

Many of the Dubai landmarks are real estate art by themselves. Here is a nice collection of Dubai real estate art NFTs with good potential for appreciation over time. There is available only one of each.

According to Wikipedia, anon-fungible token (NFT) is a unit of data on a digital ledger named a blockchain, where each NFT can represent a unique digital item, and as a result, they are not interchangeable.

NFTs can represent digital files such as art, audio, video, and other forms of creative work. While the digital files themselves are infinitely reproducible, the NFTs representing them are…

If you went through any serious internet marketing course you heard many times “the money is in the list”, it is a mantra you see everywhere. For me, it took a lot of time to “get it”. I had a lot of internal stupid dialogue about … why people should subscribe to my stuff, why to put money in ads & other related stuff. It was hard, but once I understood the value of this mantra I was able to do it properly.

Adrian Niculescu speaking at Business Days in Cluj, Romania

The hardest thing is to actually start your list-building journey. Here is a simple yet powerful strategy…

When I start to consult with a new client I always start by looking at its hidden assets. A hidden asset is something they have, they can use it to create more income without allocating more resources, but which it is not used. One basic example, the client builds an email list of both leads & clients but they rarely email something to them. The hidden assets which are not used create a loss of income opportunities.

Adrian Niculescu speaking at Business Days in Cluj, Romania

My initial thoughts when consulting is how I can create new income streams by optimizing what ist is done already. Next, I ask…

In my work with startups as I am a shareholder, Non-Executive Director, mentor, consultant, investor, or a combination of terms in few very promising projects I see this question time and time again from founders who are starting from their bedroom or kitchen table.

Adrian Niculescu speaking at Business Days in Cluj, Romania

As entrepreneurs, we tend to involve in a lot of activities that don’t have either an immediate, medium or long-term financial reward. In other words, we are losing time with crappy activities, instead of laser-focusing on marketing and sales. Does it sound familiar to you? Then read on!

Adrian Niculescu speaking at Business Days in Cluj, Romania

Most of the entrepreneurs’ focus should be on marketing and sales. Period. But sometimes entrepreneurs want to do anything else but marketing & sales/ Why? Maybe because it is not easy. But usually, the money & opportunity are not in easy things. …

Very early in my internet marketing career, I’ve learned how important is to have a recurring income stream (automated monthly payments) and create plus maintain and develop valuable membership sites. To be honest, I didn’t really get it for so many years after that moment. Until … at a certain moment, everything clicked, so I was able to do it professionally.

Adrian Niculescu speaking at Business Days in Cluj, Romania

The thing is that I was able to create them but was not able to sell the memberships. At the end of the day, this model is interesting because you are doing the sale once, and the income comes…

No matter how good things are at a certain moment, things can radically change in a week, a day, an hour, one minute, a second … think about a millisecond. You get to be fired from your dream job, your main business partner leaves you, your accountant hidden few millions of dollars from your books, you are thrown out of the market by a competitor, you have a car accident … and the list can go on and on. …

It is said and it is true that Success leaves clues. Meaning that … the science of success has enough examples and patterns which can show if somebody will be successful overtime or not.

I believe that entrepreneurship is not just about money, but it is about pushing humanity, and the business world further.

Adrian Niculescu speaking at Business Days in Cluj, Romania

The least successful entrepreneurs just want to make money. They are in business just for the joy of making money. They are not interested in anything else like if their business is good for the world if they really bring any tangible value or else.


Right at the beginning of your business, it is most likely that you are doing anything & everything, and it is ok. It is a stage that usually is hard to be avoided. It is the chaos before the potential success. And it is there for a reason.

Adrian Niculescu speaking at Business Days in Cluj, Romania

The main reason is for you to see, and understand your strengths & weaknesses, so when your business starts to grow to focus on your strong points & hire people which are much better than you with your weak points.

By doing this you will focus on what I am calling the…

Adrian Niculescu

Digital Transformation Expert | Speaker | Fintech Investor | Online and Real Estate Entrepreneur | Music Producer adrianniculescu.com adrianniculesculive.uk

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