Email Marketing trends for 2019

Adrian Niculescu
3 min readFeb 16, 2019

According to statistics, “Number of emails that are expected to be sent & received daily will reach up to 246 Billion in 2019.”
Email is highly successful in driving customer acquisition, but it is important to keep up with changing email trends and recognizing these trends in your own email campaigns.
Email marketing continues to remain a leading tool in gaining new leads, targeting a wider audience, and increasing sales profit. There is no doubt about the success achieved through email marketing and that’s why it is getting bigger and bigger day by day.

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As a marketing channel, it is continuously growing and evolving. Here are the top 5 email marketing trends for 2019.

Going mobile-centric
According to stats, “55% percent of all emails are now opened on a mobile device and 80% of recipients delete emails not optimized for mobile.”
In the age of the smartphone, designing emails according to desktop or tablets can put you far behind in the race. Your emails should be mobile friendly in order to achieve success for your marketing campaign. Many brands have taken note of this trend and are working in the direction to adopt it.

Interactive content
Marketers are looking towards more engagement and content that could go beyond traditional newsletters. Interactive content will meet all the requirements of email marketers and make them stand out.
According to stats, “Adding Interactive content to the emails helps in taking click rates up to 300% and open rates up to 75%.”
Interactive content will provide more opportunities for marketers to connect with their customers using gifs, emoji’s, and even video.

Personalized Emails will be acknowledged more
According to Statista reports,
“The open rate for e-mails with a personalized message was 18.8%, as compared to 13.1% without any personalization in 2018.”
Personalization has become an important tool for email marketing campaigns. It is not limited to the subject line. Recipients that receive emails that are personalized and relevant to them are going to be more engaged.
If you’re sending the right email to the right potential customer, your engagement metrics will skyrocket.



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