How is it possible to know if you’ll be successful in business

It is said and it is true that Success leaves clues. Meaning that … the science of success has enough examples and patterns which can show if somebody will be successful overtime or not.

I believe that entrepreneurship is not just about money, but it is about pushing humanity, and the business world further.

The least successful entrepreneurs just want to make money. They are in business just for the joy of making money. They are not interested in anything else like if their business is good for the world if they really bring any tangible value or else.

They may have some passion, but not a lot, and are desperate about instant gratification. The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who are passionate about bringing as much value to their clients. Nike is not producing their shoes, they are a sales & marketing company. The same with Apple. They are a sales & marketing company for smartphones, in their case iPhones.

Apple has changed the way we use the phone’s screen, how music is purchased, and a lot of other things. They thrive in marketing and sales. Here is the key, and the big secret to success. So if your focus is on marketing & sales you have all the chances to become successful. All success!

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Digital Transformation Expert | Speaker | Fintech Investor | Online and Real Estate Entrepreneur | Music Producer

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