How to get more pleasure than pain and get the s__t done!

Adrian Niculescu
3 min readMar 28, 2019

You probably know by now that our brains are the most sophisticated computers on Earth. The problem and the opportunity is that we are not born with instructions on how to do it properly. And one of the most important principles that we don’t learn in school is the fact that our brain always moves either away from pain or toward pleasure. Let me explain. Let’s say that you want to quit smoking. And you try this and that strategy but in the end … nothing works. Let’s have a deeper look to understand what is happening here.

So the pleasure of smoking is immediate but the pain of doing cancer as a result of smoking is way into the future so you basically don’t feel it. So the brain will keep you close to what is pleasurable (aka smoking) all day every day. There is only one thing which could turn this around. To make the switch in your head that smoking is so freaking painful and not smoking is the pleasure itself and you will be able to quit smoking like immediately and without doing anything special.

Unfortunately, we don’t know how to use this properly. Look at the process of developing a startup company. People focus on the pain they have to get through to see their company successful (so they fail) instead of focusing on the pleasure of seeing their company in the hall of fame which will make the current struggles much easier to be dealt with. So we need to learn how to use this pain vs. principle in our advantage.

I still have a lot of things I procrastinate to complete due to the pain associated with the process. And it is just something in my head. This is one of the reasons for example why many entrepreneurs don’t spend any money on ads. They associate so much pain with actually giving money to Facebook and Google and I know this pain because I’ve been there many times before that and it is a crazy pain to have. So instead of putting money in ads, they buy the next shiny course or coaching and seminars just to find something else which usually may not exist in real life.

Or they put very little money and expect millions in sales and become very fast very frustrated because they don’t see any results or at the best they see one lead here and there and maybe the same with the sales.

Adrian Niculescu

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