How to stay in your genius zone while your business grows?

Adrian Niculescu
2 min readMar 17, 2021

Right at the beginning of your business, it is most likely that you are doing anything & everything, and it is ok. It is a stage that usually is hard to be avoided. It is the chaos before the potential success. And it is there for a reason.

Adrian Niculescu speaking at Business Days in Cluj, Romania

The main reason is for you to see, and understand your strengths & weaknesses, so when your business starts to grow to focus on your strong points & hire people which are much better than you with your weak points.

By doing this you will focus on what I am calling the genius zone. In many cases, what happens when the business starts to grow is that the entrepreneurs start to feel overwhelmed, and instead of focusing on their strengths, they tend to dabble with their weaknesses.

In fact, I believe that there is one thing, or maybe two, or even three — called your genius zones where you are much better than anybody. I can bet that you are not the best with everything, and multitasking is not something I recommend doing. You will become the main bottleneck of your business which is both bad, and dangerous. If you don’t solve this, it will keep you from scaling your business, it will become a continuous frustration.

So stop being a Jack of All Trades, and focus on your strengths by staying as much as possible in your genius zones. I’ve been there multiple times trying to do everything. It worked for a while but it was very time and energy-consuming, ending with a massive failure after a while. Even now I revisit this zone but only as exceptions to this basic rule which was a life & business changer for me.

Use the 80/ 20 rule, do 80% of the time things from your genius zone, and only 20% things outside of it that can’t be done by other people. Focus on what is getting the most income in your business, otherwise, you may go bankrupt fastest than the speed of light. This requires planning, exercise, vision, discipline, and persistence. It will not happen in a day, but if you give it all your attention, it will happen 100%.

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