How to stop becoming a major in minor things?

Adrian Niculescu
3 min readMar 16, 2021

It is something I tell my coaching clients that most of them don’t like: in order to create a full-time income as an internet marketer, you must be better than 90% of marketers. I don’t want to just sell them something preaching that it will be easy to achieve this. It is pretty hard, and if you think about it, over 60% of internet marketers don’t make any money.

Adrian Niculescu speaking at Business Days in Cluj, Romania

So if you are still in this 60% of people trying to make it work, one of the reasons why it may not work is that you are still focusing on the wrong things. You are constantly chasing shiny objects, the new guru on the block, the latest tactic, and miss the essentials.

In other words, you become a major in minor things, and for your results to change you much change the things you focus on. In my work I see overcomplicated marketing systems producing very small returns for their owners, and simple … even ugly funnels creating millionaires. The difference is in what the owners are focusing on.

First, leave the tech out of the questions. There are fantastic platforms like Clickfunnels (btw, you can get a free 2 weeks trial here) where you actually don’t need any tech background to get your business off the ground, so you could focus on marketing & sales. This has to be your primary focus: marketing & sales. You need to drill down your ideal customer persona. If you don’t know what it is, take a look at this article I’ve published 3 years ago on Startup Grind about 24 steps to create your ideal buyer persona. After that, you need to figure out where these people are gathering, connect with them, offer a great value proposition in terms of lead magnets, create a customer journey aka sales funnels, and make them proper offers. You see, the marketing you are creating is not for everybody, it is specific for this category of people so you have to use proper hooks to get their attention, stories, and make compelling offers.

This concept of Hook — Story — Offer was coined by Russell Brunson, and it is a fantastic stupid simple framework to engage with your target market and make sales all day long. One very important aspect is also what kind of offers you are creating for your target market. Get out from selling just products, and services, but rather create unique offers, people just love to buy.

Leave the gurus alone with their next shiny things, they just want to sell you stuff over & over, and keep you in a buyer loop that will never allow you to become a great seller by yourself. All success!

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