How to switch between sales modalities

Adrian Niculescu
4 min readMar 12, 2021

I am one of those guys who just loves to write … for hours, and hours, this being one of the reasons why you are seeing this piece of work. But at the same time, I push myself into doing more videos, podcasts, create webinars, and other pieces of more visual content.

Adrian Niculescu presenting a marketing workshop in London, Uk

All of us have a favorite way to consume content. Some ways are like second nature to us, others are adopted when we push ourselves. Maybe you like to read blog posts, articles, reviews, watch videos, attend online & physical events, listen to podcasts, or digest photo content. These are also called modalities to consume content. If you are reading this I believe that you have something to sell, or if you did not have for now you are thinking to create something & put it for sale online. That’s why is very important to understand the sales modalities, meaning to actually be aware of how your target customers are consuming the content. Some of them what to read, others to view videos, or listen to the content. Who knows? But … if you just focus on the text, let’s say, you will miss out on the ones who want to consume your content in other ways.

So when you are building your systems to sell what you want to sell, aka, your sales funnel, think about using as many sales modalities so you can reach more customers.

I love selling via e-mail marketing, blog posts & articles, but also I am doing everything I can to become better at selling with videos, and webinars. A webinar, let’s say for 60 minutes is a fantastic way to keep engaged an audience, especially during our time, when for our attention there is a constant war between the brands to keep us hooked.

How I buy stuff? Usually from webinars, if I like the webinar’s content, I am always looking at the offer, if the webinar is boring, I don’t stay until the end. Also, I read blogs & search on Google before taking almost any purchase decision. Of course, my tastes are not yours and imagine how big the variety could be when you deal with dozens, hundreds & thousands of people who are coming through your funnel.

If you just use text, you will simply miss out on people who want to watch videos, and listen to the audio. When I say text, I want to point towards a certain distinction. There is a special breed of people who love to download something…

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