If one door is closing, another one may be opened — the backdoor method for selling

Adrian Niculescu
3 min readMar 27, 2019

You probably know by now that most of the sales are done at the follow-up, sometimes after an offer being seen for 7 to 14 times and it is understandable as today we are bombarded with 700 sales messages in average, every day.

Also, people don’t usually buy what they need, they are buying just what they want. So you know what your market needs but to be able to sell that, sell first what they want. Or even better offer (what they need) for free if they purchase what they want — both coming from you. This is called the backdoor method for selling.

I sell a mastermind for high achievers entrepreneurs. It is not easy to sell that because I need to pitch me a lot, show why my mastermind is much better and do a lot of positioning. The solution? I sell first a complex training and coaching solution and as a limited offer, I allow free access to the mastermind. The training and coaching product is excellent and changes people’s lives and businesses so the mastermind is just the cherish from the cake.

The training and coaching product is something my audience really, really wants and I know that they also need the mastermind so I am providing both while being able to add so much value to them.

Another example of backdoor selling comes from a chiropractor friend. He was struggling to sell adjustments to his audience. He thought about it and created a 30 minutes morning routine anybody can do at home containing exercise, yoga, stretching, and mindset. At the end of the presentation which he promotes online, he makes a pitch offering a package containing a meditation CD, a special bottle of oil and a foam roller which can be claimed only at this clinic along with his adjustment services.

They can be bought as a package or received for free by joining the chiropractor’s programs. The sales went through the roof by using this simple but very effective approach. The chiropractor added a lot of value both to the future clients and to the ones who chose to just remain leads and also did a lot of sales by not having to push the client towards a buying decision.

He understands the fact that not all the people who will watch the presentation will become clients, some of them will become now, others later and the rest … never. So he provided value no matter what. By doing this he was able to work with more dedicated patience towards their health and well-being.

All success!

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