Importance of A/B testing for your email campaigns

What is A/B Split Testing?
A/B testing also known as the split test or bucket testing. It helps in selecting the best elements for your campaign by comparing two versions, A, and B, of the same thing and are tested against each other. The main purpose of doing A/B testing is to identify variable changes that can bring in improvements in results that can drive the ROI of the campaign to a higher level.

According to some recent research, 75% of strategic phase marketers use A/B split testing to learn about customer behavior and how best to reach them.
A/B split testing enables you to easily create two email versions to figure out which aspects perform the best for the test groups and then send it to the rest of your subscriber list.

The most important email elements you’ll want to put to the A/B test are:

Email Subject Line
Focus on the subject line if you want to get high email open rate in your email marketing campaign. Create A/B spilt campaigns to test:
• The length of the subject line
• Merge tags and personalization
• The use of questions, how-to constructions, verbs, adjectives, imperatives, superlatives
• The use of numbers, percentages, symbols and much more

From or sender Name
Your email open rate also depends on the success of your from name element. Use A/B split campaigns to test:
• The length of the from field
• Company name and individual personalities
• The level of familiarity and other elements

Content and CTA
The email content and Call to action both have a significant impact on your email click-through rates and conversion rates. Doing A/B split campaigns, you can test:
• Email text, images, links
• Merge tags and personalization
• The length of email and layout
• Call to action buttons, texts, colors
Make sure you do not test more than one element to get better results.

Sending day and/or time
For your convenience, you can set a specific time of the day and send out your newsletter on two different days. Or you can send your campaign at two different times of the day within a day. Using A/B split testing, you can test:
• Time of the day (for example., morning, noon, evening and even late at night may be the best time to send your campaigns)
• Weekdays or weekends
• Business days or holidays
According to your requirement, find out which day and time of the day works best for your subscribers by using the A/B split test feature.

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