One of the biggest losses of our humanity is when you see many people who seemingly have “everything” taking their life or trying to solve their problems with so much chemistry that the body collapses, this being practically another form of suicide.

In my entrepreneurial journey, I hit roadblocks all the time. And no matter how much meditation I eat, brain reprogramming, jogging or books I arrive in the same or similar dead ends which can last for days, weeks or even few months. And during this period I tend to question everything: myself, what I am doing, the world around me and the life itself.

And in the darkest moments that evil thought of starting all over again makes its way into my brain. Of course, I slam it very fast but it knocks at my brain’s door and is there somewhere doing everything it can to catch my attention. I am lucky because I’ve worked on myself a lot during my personal development journey don’t see this as a feasible option but I see almost every week on social media posts about people with awesome careers, accolades, family, that look pretty well and are ending purposely their relationship with this world.

Somehow, having maybe similar thoughts, obstacles and struggles like many of them I said … let me write about this, it is not the first time doing that but I believe this can help some people at the right moment. I was asked myself how come that these very powerful people don’t have a good life coach to shake them pretty hard. Or maybe they have but the only care of the life coach is to squeeze as much money possible. But you see, if the client dies, there is no money left and you lose a recurring customer … what a macabre joke.

So, when deep diving the depths of my dark side I’ve found a series of reliefs which are keeping me afloat and the suicide thoughts far away.

First I take a look at the obituary … hmm, this guy couldn’t stand the heat, was too weak and did this and that. No, I don’t want that. When the time will come after I will burn all the experiences possible in this life somehow I want to travel to the other world like a hero. So, I am asking … is suicide for you? Do you want pity from the loved ones or to be missed for the awesome human being who fought until the last piece of time to make the life o gorgeous masterpiece? If you are in a dark place with your life and mind and if you have an aha moment keep reading …

The life has seasons, ups and downs. You can have a downswing now which is followed by something unbelievable — do you remember the quote: “the best is yet to come?” But if you end now you lose what’s coming. Simple, right? The day follows the night and the night follows the day, pretty simple.

What worked for me could work for you, maybe I will write a book about it — any publisher interested :)?

Start a morning movement routine

During my childhood, I was bothered by severe asthma which was cured fortunately around my 20’s. Some very weak asthma leftovers are manifesting from time to time, usually, during the period of maximum stress and in most of the occasions I don’t need to do anything about it — I just let the body solve this by itself. As a result, I was not a sporty guy but at 38 years old I started to jog in the mornings, to learn routines for long distance running and now I am training to run for London Marathon after finishing in the past another two marathons in Paris and Bucharest. I still struggle with resistance and speed and after the 35th kilometer it becomes very hard but I persist.

In my world, there are a lot of ultramarathoners so in comparison with them I am like a baby but still, only 1% of the population had ever finished a marathon which means that I am still part of an exclusive fellowship.

I consider this habit of jogging/ running saved my life and continue to do so even in my darkest moments. I don’t drink alcohol, because I don’t find any pleasure in it, don’t smoke due to the same reason, don’t take any drugs, function almost without medicine — I rarely visit a pharmacy or a doctor, just that I verify my health on a constant basis.

Develop your spirituality

No matter your religion or non-religion there is something above us, Divine energy, more powerful than anything you can imagine where you can always find a point of support even when everything around you seems to be against you. The sooner you start a relationship with this plan, energy, force you will not feel 100% alone no matter what happens and how bad things seem to be.

Reprogram your mind

Very few people are doing that. Our mind is 20% conscious mind and 80% subconscious mind. We tend to go with the flow and never explore the subconscious mind which is 4X times more powerful. You can have their bad seeds from your ancestors who can transform you into a criminal, a serial killer or something really bad. Being so powerful, the subconscious mind can bring to the surface anything which is hidden there and you will not know what can hit you, destroy your life o even make you take it.

Donate blood constantly

If you are healthy you can donate blood regularly. One donation can save 4 lives and it is an absolute great exercise for your body. Check with a doctor first before doing this. I’ve started this habit around the time I started to jog and recently I donated for the 16th time. As far as I know, because the blood wasn’t yet replicated in labs (I am an entrepreneur, don’t know about this so much) the only way to have blood available in hospitals for the ones in need is through donations. Who knows what happens tomorrow? You can be in an accident and need blood relying on donations from other people.

Contribute to charities

I dabbled here until now, I did some things but not notable yet in this area so I don’t have much expertise but doing things to better other people’s lives or to help causes outside of yourself can take the dark thoughts away for good.

Watch as less TV as possible

I love to watch a nice movie from time to time but I don’t watch news bulletins, don’t stay for hours on the TV because I have much better things to do with my time. I use that time to develop my skills which will create the momentum to reach as many of my goals.

Write objectives on the paper and pursue them

No matter the age, it is a great exercise to write your objectives, your dreams in the physical form on paper and pursue them. You will have so much to do and accomplish that you will not have time to contempt the suicide.

Play with your children or grandchildren

On the beach in Dubai

I am not the type to see life in a couple without children. This is who I am. If there are health problems, adopt one, two, as many you can take care of. There is no excuse here. It doesn’t matter how bad is a situation, spending time with kids is a healing exercise besides being joyful. And only the thought that taking my own life will embarrass and probably affect (or destroy emotionally) my children makes suicide a pretty lousy excuse.

Ignite the child and teenager in you

It took me a lot of time to do this but somehow I succeeded to transform my mind in a millennial one and keep it there. It is a request from my main profession as a marketer but also a must if you want to start testing the good life. So my mind clock has stopped around 25 years old and I am accumulating now experience and other things which I was not able to do at 25.

Fuel your passions and make a living out of them

In my work, I sell premium real estate, manage a marketing agency, do strategy and communications for CloudCoin, invest in startup companies, trade Stocks, Crypto, and Forex, have Non-Executive roles in few companies, work with startups at Faster Capital, speak at events around the world,

create online courses, write articles like this one, publish books (this is something new) and also have my own DJ project The GlobTrotters.

Man … and sometimes I hit the mother of roadblocks. But I’ve learned the hard way to focus on my goals and not let the obstacles bring me down and what could be worst to make me perform the crazy act of taking my life.

The life is precious and if you can read this … imagine how many people would consider their best time to be in your shoes. Don’t become a casualty, make your life a masterpiece. Roadblocks will come, shit will happen! Stay strong!!!

Somehow writing this article was a healing exercise for me and I hope that it will inspire other people to stay alive and kick the bad times from their life.

All Success!

Digital Transformation Expert | Speaker | Fintech Investor | Online and Real Estate Entrepreneur | Music Producer

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