Is suicide for you?

Adrian Niculescu
7 min readFeb 19, 2019

One of the biggest losses of our humanity is when you see many people who seemingly have “everything” taking their life or trying to solve their problems with so much chemistry that the body collapses, this being practically another form of suicide.

In my entrepreneurial journey, I hit roadblocks all the time. And no matter how much meditation I eat, brain reprogramming, jogging or books I arrive in the same or similar dead ends which can last for days, weeks or even few months. And during this period I tend to question everything: myself, what I am doing, the world around me and the life itself.

And in the darkest moments that evil thought of starting all over again makes its way into my brain. Of course, I slam it very fast but it knocks at my brain’s door and is there somewhere doing everything it can to catch my attention. I am lucky because I’ve worked on myself a lot during my personal development journey don’t see this as a feasible option but I see almost every week on social media posts about people with awesome careers, accolades, family, that look pretty well and are ending purposely their relationship with this world.

Somehow, having maybe similar thoughts, obstacles and struggles like many of them I said … let me write about this, it is not the first time doing that but I believe this can help some people at the right moment. I was asked myself how come that these very powerful people don’t have a good life coach to shake them pretty hard. Or maybe they have but the only care of the life coach is to squeeze as much money possible. But you see, if the client dies, there is no money left and you lose a recurring customer … what a macabre joke.

So, when deep diving the depths of my dark side I’ve found a series of reliefs which are keeping me afloat and the suicide thoughts far away.

First I take a look at the obituary … hmm, this guy couldn’t stand the heat, was too weak and did this and that. No, I don’t want that. When the time will come after I will burn all the experiences possible in this life somehow I want to travel to the other world like a hero. So, I am asking … is suicide for you? Do you want pity from the loved ones or to be missed for the awesome human being who fought until the last piece of time to make the life o gorgeous masterpiece? If you are in a dark place…

Adrian Niculescu

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