Is there any power to honesty these days?

There are many books teaching you that you have to fake it until you make it. Also, they teach you that you need to show to your prospects nice cars, private jets, huge houses, and all that stuff that will communicate “I’ve made it, I can show you how just buy my stuff”.

But the reality is that nowadays most people smell the shit and the lier from a distance and there were numerous cases when the authorities from US and UK arrested smart guys who rented houses, cars, and planes to shoot sales videos which would extract thousands of dollars and pound from fools.

So that’s why my feed is not so gorgeous many times. I don’t usually post that I’ve been gambling in Vegas but you may see me speaking there. I don't usually post pictures from my holiday in Mauritius but I post pictures with me speaking at an event in Mauritius and the list can go on and on. Why I do that? I want to somehow inspire you to put the necessary effort into the things you want to achieve. In the last 30 days, I went to TV one or twice watching two episodes of Castle because I like so much “the thing” between the writer and the police girl — they are one cute definition of a power couple and also I like his attitude coming from his income from books: is there a cash problem with that bar business? does it have an emotional value for us? I just bought the damn thing (the bar)! And I can relate somehow with both. Writing content daily was a struggle for me as it still is doing live video and video in general so I force myself to transform these into habits. So why watch TV? I could write something at that time, I could create a video, I could pursue my DJ passion.

So I just wanted to bring and keep honesty and ethics in everything I am doing. Yes, I know it is harder, but the people in my audience are hustlers just like I am. They know that in most cases the 4 hours workweek it is just a myth. They build the next big things in our world and sometimes 12 to 16 hours of work are not enough!

I had so many down moments in my businesses that I can't even count them. It is usually sold the lie that it is easy to grow a business but in reality, it is not and requires grit, effort, and motivation beyond anything. In one day a major software we are selling as an affiliate mostly crashed. In another day my hosting account was compromised. S__t happens all the time.

But I've chosen to be as transparent possible and to not leave these seatbacks to destroy anything so I went out and communicated about it. Some people were ok, some cursed, others swore, but the general feedback was ok so I was able to move forward.

In this period the customers understand that even the most sophisticated software can crash and as long as it is back pretty fast everything is ok. It is very interesting to say how people treat things when Facebook is down. It is like their life is destroyed. And 99.9% of the ones complaining don't own any Facebook stock but probably run promotions through them … I don’t know.

The reality is that you can build a multimillion business by being honest and vulnerable but it is not easy. Natalie Hodson is a great example of building a million dollars by telling the world that after having babies it was impossible to exercise without peeing on her pants. What she did, she actually filmed herself peeing her pants after an exercise, millions of women resonated with her honesty and bang she went on to make over $1 million with a $37 product in 6 months.

All success!

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