Metabank is the first decentralized bank in the metaverse. How to join early?

Adrian Niculescu
6 min readJun 22, 2022
Metabank, the first decentralized bank in the metaverse

I just finished what became my North American tour with two countries (Canada & US), three cities (Toronto, Austin, and New York), and three major events (AIBC Americas, Consensus, and Battlefin). I have changed 7 planes in the process, and fortunately, everything went very smoothly, except for one being delayed for two hours, and another for 1 hour. Which is almost perfect having in mind the chaos happening these days at many airports. I have also changed 7 hotels, crossed the border from Canada to the US by foot at Niagara Falls (it was a first for me), started a hit song in a studio in Austin, perfected my scratch skills at another studio in New York, have met incredible people along the way, and realized that I have to be much more consistent with writing, sharing important things I have learned at these events with you. I only had my backpack in Toronto and went with the team from AIBC Summit at Niagara Falls so instead of going back to Toronto and taking the plane from there to Austin, I took a last-minute decision, and first went to a Hard Rock Cafe at Niagara Falls to eat a hamburger — it is my first in more than 10 years, as I am not a hamburger fan, and then crossed the border to us on the Rainbow Bridge which is a simple, but a fantastic experience, something people usually do in the movies. From there went to Buffalo airport, found a nice hotel, and flew to Austin the next day.

Adrian Niculescu in Times Square

Also I did a fantastic interview with the amazing Jane King inside the Nasdaq studio in the Nasdaq building in Times Square — pics & the interview soon, which was a breathtaking experience for me, a humble Romanian guy from Bucharest trying to leave a mark with his work. While I love to write, I think that it is still placing me out of my comfort zone to write, and what happens is that the imposter syndrome kicks in with a voice in my head saying something like, why these important people reading should follow you, what value you can add to them, and other things adding to the overall struggle.

But at the same time writing gives me peace & serenity, allowing the thoughts in my head to catch shape on paper, and today…

Adrian Niculescu

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