Other people’s opinion can kill your marketing and your business

Adrian Niculescu
2 min readFeb 15, 2019

We are taught since childhood to care about what other people may think about us. And while this could keep us on the safe side of things it can break and destroy all our business efforts. And it can affect our life overall.

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This is the reason many businesses don’t go all in with their marketing and waste opportunity after opportunity … from the fear of what people say.

I had tons of bad moments in my life and business when I realized that I am all alone in front of the troubles so why should I care. There are companies missing sales, missing growth and going down towards bankruptcy because they fear this one thing — pushing their marketing to new heights.

Sometimes, the people around you and your audience say one thing and are doing something else. They might say that will join your program and when you release it fails miserably or they may declare publicly that what you wanted to create is crap, that your marketing suck and in their intimacy are pulling the card and buy, buy, buy! It is a weird world, I get it!

So in my experience, I like to look more at what people are doing with their credit and debit cards than to look at what people say. It is more lucrative. And also I stopped analyzing what people show off on social media. That’s not reality. That is bull! But I am looking at how people promote ideas, concepts, what happens when I sign-up to webinars, newsletters, buy books online or training courses. I am looking at their funnels, their videos, everything. This information is priceless comparing to the photos with their food. That one doesn’t matter!

So many entrepreneurs I consult with want to learn how to build their own funnels — as it is a top skill which is very important both for startups and established companies so you can join me for a 30 days challenge to build your first or next wildly successful funnel. Because, literally you could be just One Funnel Away! Also you can test free for 14 days the main platform I am using to build marketing funnels!

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