The imperfect action is much, much better than no action

I see time and time again people waiting for the best moment to take the plunge and the wait, they wait and they wait and … guess what, that moment never comes and they remain stuck for years waiting and waiting and waiting. And because they don’t hit, they don’t miss, they don’t try again and at the end, they don’t achieve anything but will speak to their peers and say that marketing is BS and all the marketing teachers are actually scammers.

Yes, I agree that some of the teachers are scammers renting cars and houses by the day and selling you a dream they don’t actually live but you are mature enough to spot those differences.

Marlon Sanders is one of the internet marketing pioneers and he writes some of the richest in content newsletters. There is always a joy reading them and somehow he makes me take action even more after reading them.

He used to say: “Look, I don’t care how great you think your product is. A dead duck can’t fly. You can keep making new sales letters for it and new videos and do everything you can possibly think of, but it doesn’t matter. A dead duck won’t fly.”

So what is the catch here? First, as mentioned, most of the people are waiting for the right wave to come so they could ride it. This wave is called by us, the action takers Momentum and usually, it is created through action, action and action. So they don’t do anything. And if at the end of so many struggles come up with a product idea to create, market or sell they don’t do the market assessment first to understand if that product may fly or not aka if there is a level of demand for it. Now with Google, Amazon, Clickbank and other big websites, it is very easy to analyze what people are buying and what the trends are currently. But I believe this is the subject for an entire book.

George wanted me to consult on his business and at the moment we’ve met he was focusing all his efforts on a dead duck. The guy has written “just another fitness book” and no matter what strategy he tried the result was failure, after failure after failure. And nothing seemed to work. Not even at a mediocre level. His results were zero, zilch, nada.

We argued a lot but I’ve advised him to drop this project and simply try something else. Basically, he was written a book, created a sales page, articles, videos, emails, an affiliate program but nobody seemed to care about his stuff. His biggest problem? He waited for the perfect moment which would bring the attention of the market on his book.

My assumption was that the moment he is waiting for will never come. So the guy went … in tears, after all, he worked hard for years perfecting the dead duck and started to work on a healthy diet cookbook.

And somehow the luck started to come his way, the first sales came from his Facebook friends which became avid fans, he got a publishing deal to publish his book in a foreign country right away, being recommended by a Linkedin connection to a publisher and things started to flow.

George was so emotionally connected with his dead product that he didn’t see a way out and even the possibility to try something else. What clicked was a discussion between us when I asked something like: “Why do you keep being a loser and enjoy this mess? What your children will think about you as a major failure in the next years?” And … this worked like gangbusters.

The way around no action and the perfection towards the failure is the imperfect action when you are doing this, doing that, pivot towards a new idea, a new product, a new niche, making things happen and stop complaining about your situation.

In today’s connected world you can simply test an idea by doing a survey, asking your friends, colleagues, and connections and even creating first just the cover for an ebook before creating the content itself to have initial feedback from the market.

The worst that can happen is that … nothing will happen and the best is that you can even have some upfront sales before actually creating the product which would be pretty cool.

Or you could create just the minimum viable product and improve it later after making the initial sales from your first customers. If you already have an engaged audience you can sell a lot of these products and actually creating them later which makes this game so attractive.

And as the marketer Russell Brunson says “imperfect action builds more millionaires than perfection, every day of the week.”

All success!

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