Think about Outsourcing Marketing being like Outsourcing Sex

Adrian Niculescu
3 min readMar 15, 2021

In my training, coaching & mentoring activity I work exclusively with entrepreneurs & startup founders. Some of them simply want an agency to do their marketing & even the sales, not being happy with putting the effort needed to master the essential skills of marketing & business. I always tell them that if they want me to work with them either in the group coaching format or in 1 to 1, they must be ready, and able to take this learning curve which will influence in a great way the rest of their professional life. Unfortunately, marketing & sales are not taught properly in most universities, master programs, and even MBA’s, and oftentimes the knowledge presented there is not the actual one getting results. The times have changed!

Adrian Niculescu speaking at Business Days in Cluj, Romania

Marketing is actually the sex of business, I got this quote from Russell Brunson.

In fact, it can be the most pleasurable, and fun part of running your own online business. Let’s compare now the business with a marriage. In marriage, you have sex both for fun, pleasure, and to procreate, and the visible result is the bunch of kids around you. In business, the marketing you are doing brings in new leads which are turned into customers by using a sales funnel.

Once the kids come into your life, you need to change their diapers, feed them with milk, take care of them, put them in kindergarten, school, go to their sports games, help them with their homework while continue having sex with your wife.

Once the customers start giving you the money you need to start taking care of them. At that moment you start having the need, or even the urge to let other people run the marketing for you. The thing is that the agency you want to work with will be greatly motivated by the income they will get from you, while the responsibility to grow your business is 100% yours. So outsourcing your whole marketing is such a bad idea, while doing it for bits & pieces of your promo efforts makes sense.

At the end of the day, you as the entrepreneur, the business owner, are the face of the business, you know it better than anyone & running your marketing will make a lot of breakthroughs in understanding how to serve better your customers.

Adrian Niculescu

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