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Adrian Niculescu
6 min readApr 23, 2022

It took me two days to find a t-shirt with a meaningful message so I can wear it during one of the latest conferences I had the opportunity to speak at. Usually, I buy 80% of my clothes from New Yorker, the rest is split between Primark and other brands. New Yorker speaks my language, I can choose what I want in minutes, I feel great wearing their stuff. Maybe I will pitch them one day to become one of their influencers. I use to look at Sauvage commercials in shops and think that one day I will be able to be part of commercials like Johnny Deep is doing. I love the shopping experience at Primark, especially when I am in Uk on Oxford Street.

Usually, I buy stuff for my wife and three daughters for the same reason, it speaks my language when shopping for my girls, and other family dresses, so occasionally I purchase also stuff for myself. One month ago I took the weird decision to start a newsletter on Linkedin, and also a more in-depth version on Substack (feel free to subscribe on both) called Inside My Head: The New Entrepreneurship in The Digital assets Era.

Adrian Niculescu speaking at Agora’s Global Blockchain Congress in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Besides a very hectic professional schedule, I am constantly contributing with articles to a few magazines, and being the beginning of a new year, I’ve included into my goals to restart writing on my personal blog so I wanted to use these newsletters as a reason to get out of my comfort zone. Then, what has happened, the imposter syndrome came to the surface so I started to have second thoughts like … why anybody would care about what’s in my head? I had a very good angle I wanted to build on — the new entrepreneurship and I thought that personal touch would be great. After like 1 month (one month!!!) going back-and-forth, while arranging the rhythm for the new year I have really started this.

While entrepreneurship is seen as a very sexy thing, in reality, it becomes sexy usually when you start reaching some milestones and have some good results. Everywhere around us, there are stories about wealthy VCs, unicorns, large exits, scale success stories, and very few ones about the entrepreneurs struggling to survive. During my entrepreneurship journey, I had many moments when I was not able to afford basic things like a tank full of gas or a fancy, not a basic sandwich, but they were great experiments and teachings about the future, even if I found them unfair back then. All these bad experiences…

Adrian Niculescu

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