What do have in common your Hail Marys and the hidden assets in your business?

Adrian Niculescu
2 min readMar 20, 2021

When I start to consult with a new client I always start by looking at its hidden assets. A hidden asset is something they have, they can use it to create more income without allocating more resources, but which it is not used. One basic example, the client builds an email list of both leads & clients but they rarely email something to them. The hidden assets which are not used create a loss of income opportunities.

Adrian Niculescu speaking at Business Days in Cluj, Romania

My initial thoughts when consulting is how I can create new income streams by optimizing what ist is done already. Next, I ask the entrepreneur, the company founder about the goals for the current year, the next one until 5 years ahead. If there is a gap between the current results and the ones for the current year we start brainstorming Hail Marys or how we can create breakthroughs or quantum leaps in the business to reach and surpass the current goals.

Sometimes we can fill the gap just by bringing the hidden assets into the spotlight and use them but in most cases more is needed. So we start thinking about creating product launches, new partnerships, joint venture marketing, anything which can bring us to the goals and beyond them.

Hail Marys are concentrated efforts to make it happen for a limited period of time. For example, a Hail Mary can be that for the next two weeks we will focus on doing a product launch from 0 to finish to create X sales totalling Y $. So fo the next two weeks we work like crazy on that goal so we could create the number of sales we want.

The laser focus is more than necessary to succeed, so doing things once at a time is essential to succeed. We are taught that multitasking is great but in reality, if you work on many fronts at once it is most likely that nothing will get done properly. Happy Hail Mary-ing!

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